#14 – Nicole Weller: Building The Game

2013-01-16 22.52.05Getting young kids into golf:

You need to be provide fast-paced and creative games to encourage kids to participate.

Weakness in industry:

Golf is full of tradition, but we have to remember to always be adaptable. Currently we are perhaps not as adaptable as we could be.

Favorite quote:

“Change is constant but growth is optional”

Retaining the young members:

Have a graduated plan of what it looks like at each age group. See what works and build on it – remember that it is not one-size-fits-all.

Tools Nicole is using to attract the young players:

Nicole likes to work with video and technology (when used properly) and also likes to encourage students to self-progress. They run programs where the person who manages to lower their handicap the most wins a $100 gift card. By making it about themselves improving rather than competing with others, it encourages the kids more.

Nicole’s wish for golf:

For people to allow self-discovery and not stifle it with “here’s how to do it”. Get rid of the pre-conceptions of how it should be done.

About Nicole:

As Head Teaching Professional at The Landings Club in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, Nicole Weller is a also member of the LPGA T&CP, PGA of America, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Savannah Board, PGA National Youth Player Development Committee, GA PGA Board of Directors and Proponent Group. She is a proud partner with both Little Linksters and is a staff ambassador with The Littlest Golfer. Nicole is a U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher and is certified with U.S. Kids Golf, SNAG and Spirit of Golf. She was given the prestigious honor of being the first professional to receive both the 2013 PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader awards.

More about Nicole: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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